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Picnic Essentials for a perfect outdoor picnic

What can be more exciting than going on picnic? Who doesn’t love it?

Whether you’re planning a family picnic or a concert picnic with friends, these must-haves will ensure your picnicking event is a perfect outing these winters.
One can’t think of a more perfect time to pack up your lunch or dinner and take it outdoors. So, in an effort to help add a little fresh air to your next meal, We’ve put together a list of picnic essentials that will help take the work out of your next picnic prep.


Comfort is key for any pleasure, so keep in mind that you want to choose a blanket with a soft texture and an appealing design. Also, if you think the ground may be wet, be sure to pack a tarp to go under your blanket. SHOP NOW

Picnic Basket

A wicker basket will always evoke that classic picnic vibe. The picnic basket should be sized good enough to fit it all your food essentials in perfectly organised manner to avoid and spilling or leaks. SHOP NOW

Cheese board

For those who love entertaining sets that offer spaces for a variety of cheeses as well as olives, nuts and dried fruits. Space is usually an issue when picnicking, so fitting more onto less is always a bonus. SHOP NOW


Sitting on the ground isn’t exactly the epitome of luxury comfort. That said, a few nice big cushions will make lounging a lot more enjoyable, while adding a little style to your picnic. SHOP NOW



It’s ultra important to pack a cooler to ensure your food is kept at the proper temperature. Items to keep cold include salads with mayonnaise-based dressings or eggs in them, cheese, poultry and/or meat and drinks. SHOP NOW

Picnic-Friendly Foods

If you plan on lounging for a few hours, opt for a light menu with seasonal fruits, veggies and an array of cheeses. Preferably choose items that guests can eat throughout the picnic duration.


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