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Elvy’s new Lavender Collection

Lavender Collection by Elvy

Did you know that the lavender plant appears to change its colour depending on the time of day? Yes it really does! Even though you may not be able to go to the lavender fields, we bring to you the same freshness and features in our exclusive Lavender collection.

The fall season in Pacific Northwest inspires our beautiful collection. During this time of the year, the lavender farms have a certain peaceful quietness about it. The lavender plants have all been trimmed back into nice little balls, the trees around the farms adopt a coat full of colours.

Because the mood of this fall season is so serene and elegant, Elvy derives its new exclusive lavender collection from this serenity. The freshness of the fall season is what we have implemented in our collection pieces. Our Lavender collection is derived from the rich colour palette of lilac and lavender.

Our beautifully ribbed pieces in handblown glass, create a peaceful look that makes sure that your eyes stop and wonder why arnt these products at your home. J

The subtle textured glass with a faded effect and the elegant lilac colour gives our lavender vases and candle holders a naturally rich look. Because of their classic profiles, the vases and candle holders can pair well with any of your other products to set up your ambience. Here’s a look at our products, all available at www.elvy.com

Lavender small vase

The elegant colour and the texture is what makes it fit in any ambience and with any of your other products.
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Lavender large vase

The elegant colour, ribbed glass texture and the size of our lavender large vase is perfect to fit in any ambience.
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Lavender candleholder

The subtle textured glass with a faded effect and the elegant lilac colour gives our lavender candle holders, a naturally rich look.
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To shop our collection pieces visit us at www.elvy.com or drop by our stores at MG Road, New Delhi/ Square one mall, Saket, New Delhi/ MGF Megacity Mall, Gurgaon/ Banjara hills road no. 12, Hyderabad/ Silver arc mall, Ludhiana.



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