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The balcony is the most special place in our home because it is the place where we can connect us to the outer world or we can enjoy the natural surrounding with our loved ones and some time with our self. We must decor the external space so that it helps in emphasizing the freshness of nature to enjoy it. You can decorate your balcony with the Elvy home decor products. You can refresh your indoor garden with the home products like candles, planters, pillar candles, and beautiful tea sets with the Elvy. There is a wide range of Best home décor items and products are available with Elvy.

Ways you can make your balcony beautiful:


Candles are a tradition in many cultures and candles also improve your daily life. Scientists prove that candles can play an important role in physiological effects of mood, working capacity, stress, and overall mental health. Tea light candles are widely used in a home. There are a variety of candle holders available with Elvy, like Tea Light candle holders, Candelabras, Hurricane Lamps, Lanterns, Taper Candle Holder, Votive Candle Holders. They also have pillar candles in different ranges with a different variety.

Premium Candles, Buy Candles online, Pillar Candles, buy pillar candles
Premium Candles, Buy Candles online, Pillar Candles, buy pillar candles


Plants around us make a pleasant environment. After a long day of work and stress, the plant helps you in relaxing and puts your mind at ease. You can plant your favourite plants in beautiful pots or planters. You can make your balcony with the beautiful range of planters by Elvy. Each plant is different and for each plant, there is a need for different types of planters. Elvy gives you a different variety of planters to make your home beautiful. Elvy provides both outdoor and indoor planters for your home décor. 

Planters, buy planters online, Artificial Plants, buy artificial Plants
Planters, buy planters online, Artificial Plants, buy artificial Plants



We all know that tea has no secret that it has existed for centuries and has gotten better and more creative with age. It is first originated in China. Several studies show that a good cup of tea boosts your immune system, and sometimes helping in some heart diseases and cancer disease. 

Tea set, Premium tea set, Buy Tea set online, Bone china tea set
Tea set, Premium tea set, Buy Tea set online, Bone china tea set

To serve the tea, various contemporary and traditional tea sets and tea cups have been designed. 

A beautiful and good Tea sets include the following items:

A Serving tray: a serving tray helps in carrying the entire tea set. Sometimes it could be simple or sometimes it is made with a finger sliding gap on both sides. 

A tea kettle: a kettle must hold at least five full cups of tea without any spillage.

Teacups and saucers: normally there are 5 to 6 teacups are available in the tea set with the saucer where you can place it after sipping the tea.

Stirrers or spoons:  same as the equal number of spoons or stirrers are also there just next to the cups to stir the sugar.

Creamer or milk jug: a milk jug contains milk or cream for serving and is served separately for people who want milk in their teas.

Sugar pitcher:  this accessory serves for both kind of people who wants sugar or for those who don’t. sugar sometimes served in the form of cubes for convenience

Wide range of tea sets and teacups available with the levy. Elvy tea sets enhance your tea-drinking experience.

  • Bamboo and wooden tea sets are the traditional regional-based tea sets. It is also the cheapest one.
  • The enamel tea set is the most durable one.
  • Glass tea set, with this set you can enjoy your tea because it is made up of transparent glass.
  • The metallic tea set is an unbreakable and most reliable one.
  • Porcelain tea set, which is used Dominatingly.
  • The lacquer tea set is the most artistic one because it is a special painted tea set.

Home décor is important and while doing this you are creating an environment in which you can feel confident and motivated. Go ahead buy the piece of art from Elvy because it makes you happy, inspired, and motivated. On a beautiful balcony, you can enjoy a good cup of tea in a beautiful tea set with your family and loved ones. Elvy home décor products are the exact style you want for your home interiors. They also provide garden accessories for your home garden. Elvy helps you to enhance the sophistication and elegance of your home. According to your preference, you can explore the Elvy home décor online website if you don’t want to visit offline stores.


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