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What creates a perfect bathroom ? Every morning we look forward to begin our day with a good, comfortable bath. Experts at Elvy are constantly creating unique design schemes to accommodate the changing needs of the new, as well as the subsequent generation.

Where to Start

Integrating some of the following smart bathroom ideas can enhance look of your bathroom and increase your peace of mind. It’s time to think smarter.

BATH SET : Make sure that whatever you have on your sink looks snazzy enough that you’ll be proud to show it off. A bath set is one essential commodity that is required to make bathroom stylish. having a soap dispenser, tooth brush holder, towel tray, waste-bin, tissue box.

AROMA CANDLES : A candle is a great way to keep things smelling fresh and clean in your bathroom. They’re also a lovely touch to add around a bathtub. When you find one you love that’s in a pretty glass container, you know you have a great candidate for your bathroom decor.

AROMA DIFFUSER : Aroma diffuser helps purifying and humidifying air and kill bacterial, moist eyes, elevate fatigue. Also improve the quality of the air we breath. After adding essential oil, the Aroma Diffuser will spray atomised water molecules automatically, adjust the indoor humidity, and diffuse the fragrance, making the indoor air become more and more fresh. 

LAUNDRY SOLUTIONS : Speaking of laundry, it’s a good idea to have an attractive solution in your bathroom to deal with the inevitable piles of laundry. Beautiful baskets are always a great option, and they work with so many different design styles.

TOWELS : This is another super easy way to add up the style in your bathroom: add some colourful towels. Try to add something to your space with a bit of texture and interest. And don’t forget to get three or four extras when you find something you love.

BATH GEL : Add a little luxury to your day and wash your way to soft, clean skin with a rich lather bursting amidst fragrance with good quality bath gel. They tend to lather up with a fragrant and luxurious foam, which can add a bit of luxury to your morning routine.

Magnification that turn on when you approach. Use mirror to get a clear view of your make-up.

CONTAINERS :Another way to add a bit of design style to your bathroom is by taking some of your essentials and putting them into pretty storage containers. Cotton balls and cotton swabs look great in glass containers.

BATH DECOR : Last but not the least, décor your bathroom with small decorative peaces to enhance the look of any stylish bathroom


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