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5 tips to use cushions & set up your mood

Is your living room looking the same old & boring from so long?
Often the task of redecorating living room is considered to be a lengthy project so before you get stuck in considerations like re-painting, re-carpeting or re-placing your old couch, how about considering the idea of using a few cushions to add up some charm to your room in the right way to give it a fresh new look??

You must be thinking how to use these cushions to make your décor more interesting, right??? We presents to you 5 basic tips to use the cushion to set up your mood and glam up your room.

Tips to choose and use cushions the right way:

1. Same-same is a no-no

If your cushions match your sofa colour, it is time to pull yourself out of the ‘80s and get rid of them.
Try to have fun with your choice of cushions, use them to add colour, texture and pattern, and to create a scheme that is a true reflection of your personal style.

2. Placement is key

Cushions can completely transform a space, depending on where they are placed and how they are positioned. You can choose to group cushions of various sizes together, or for a more uniform look, you can choose that are all the same size.
“When grouping cushions, either group them in pairs, or in groups of odd numbers. It is also a good idea to arrange them in a way where there is some kind of symmetry in the arrangement for optimum visual impact.”

3. The style will dictate the number

Brightly coloured cushions can add a bright pop of colour to a drab and dull room.
For a more traditional look, it is best to stick to an even amount of cushions.
The easiest way to achieve this is to choose two matching solid square colours and position them in the corners of the sofa. Then select two smaller matching patterned cushions and place these in front of the two larger ones.
However, if you are after a more eclectic look, then you should elect an odd number of cushions. “For example, for a three-seater couch, choose five completely different cushions, with different patterns, and some harmonising qualities.”

4. Setting the style and the tone

The right selection of cushions can completely transform a room, so it is advisable to thoroughly analyse the room in question before you buy your cushions.
Brightly coloured cushions can add a bright pop of colour to a drab and dull room.
However, If the space is well-lit and bright, then adding bright colours, can make the space seem a little overwhelming. For brightly lit rooms, cushions in darker hues will make the space feel a little cosier, and if these complement the curtains and flooring, it will visually recede the room, making it feel smaller and more intimate.

6. A treat with texture

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with different textures – these can add to the aesthetic appeal of a space. Specially, if you are not adventurous and prefer monotone décor schemes, you can use cushions featuring various textures to create added visual interest. Some metallic shades of cushions can be a good idea to explore with monotype décor as it simply adds spark and luxury to your room.


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