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10 Essentials for your Office Desk

We spend a major part of our day at office and we all need a space that can make us feel comfortable and inspired to work in office everyday. Take a look at this list of 10 office essentials:

1. Photo frame:

If you need some motivation or your’e feeling stressed out , all you have to do is look at their picture right in front of you, and be happy you get to see them soon.

2. Coasters:

Who doesn’t start their day with a cup of coffee or maybe 5 ? And for your office desk, you definitely need a compact set of coasters to avoid any stain on your important office papers.

3. A tissue box:

Have you ever had a sneeze come on when there were no tissues in site, and then found yourself with a handful of icky snot? Spare yourself the awkwardness by Tissue box on your desk. Trust us—you’ll be glad you did!

4. Organiser:

Staying organised is essential and to keep things handy is the most essential part. Add an organiser to your table to keep all your small little bits like pins, paper clips, and more in place so that you don’t have to hunt for them from your drawer at the time of use.

5. Post it holder:

The best reminders at work are post-it notes. But where do you keep them?? One of the most handy ways, is to have a post-it holder which adds-on to your table and keeps you organised at the same time.

6. Pencil cup:

Yes we know that we all live in such a digitally focused world that this might not be something people think of as important but it definitely is. The pencil/pen in a pencil cup is still super handy to have in reach while working.

7. Desk Blotter:

No more missing out on things. A desk blotter with a calendar within your reach, is the perfect desk organiser that keeps you updated about the dates and the important events on the first face of your office desk.

8. Waste Bin:

A tidy place is the best place to work. But what about paper trashes, pencil sharp dusts, and used tissue paper? We definitely need a place to dump them. A perfectly sized waste bin near your table is what you are looking for.

9. Visiting Card holder:

How many times have you met someone in office, had a full conversation but forgot their names later? Having a visiting card holder on your desk that matches the quality of your work is equally important to keep you organised.

10. Table clock:

A track of time is very important for work. And what is better than a beautiful looking table clock that goes well with your whole setting and also keeps you updated in the race of time.

Then according to the Elvy table clock right in front of us, it’s time to leave you with a lovely weekend and with a list of items to shop this weekend and make your office desk the most efficient space to work

All above items available at www.elvy.com. Happy Shopping!